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The Next Step in Starting a Prop Scan Propeller Repair Business

Business Plan
We will supply you with a business plan template for your new Prop Scan propeller shop.

Visit Prop Scan Shop
One of the most important things you should do is visit and established Prop Scan shop to get and understanding of the technology and procedures involved.
Please visit the Prop Scan Shops Network to find your closest shop.

Shop Location
Choosing your shop location is important, we can assist you in finding a location that will provide the most benefit for your business.

Check List
The check list is a form that we send you that contains the list of products that we supply you and the products that you will need to supply.

Arrange Training Dates
To book a training date you will need to contact us to arrange a date that will suit you and pay a your deposit.

Arrange Travel to APC4 Training Center
The APC4 training course is held at our fully equipped training facility. At the present time it is not possible for us to hold the training course in other locations due to the logistics involved in moving the large amount of specialized equipment that is used in the training course.

Arrange Accommodation
It is recommended that your accommodation be booked before you travel to the APC4 Training Center .

You will need to contact us to make a booking on your behalf.

Arrange Car Rental
You can book a car rental once you arrive.


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