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The Next Step in Starting a Prop Scan Propeller Repair Business

On completion of your training course the Prop Scan Measuring Assembly and software is packaged in a sturdy aluminum container and shipped to your address.

Prop Scan Measuring Assembly

Prop Scan RT Measuring Assembly is an extremely robust device designed for the precision inspection of marine propellers. Prop Scan MT Measuring Assembly's digital sensors scan the propeller surface producing precise digital data. This data is transmitted to the computer for processing, assessment and reporting by the Prop Scan Reporting System software.
*The Prop Scan table is not supplied in the Prop Scan Package due to freight and duty costs. Instead we supply you with drawings for you to get the table made locally.


Prop Scan Measuring & Reporting Software
Prop Scan E4 software collects and processes data from the measuring assembly allowing accurate assessment of damaged propellers and certified verification of new and repaired propellers. Prop Scan E4 runs on computers with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8.
Prop Correct Software
Prop Correct enables companies to create detailed propeller repair, modification and optimization quotes with speed and efficiency.
Crystal Ball Software
A propeller has many 'design components' that affect the performance of a propeller.
In Crystal Ball these components can be adjusted individually or collectively and the calculated effect of the component adjustment is displayed.
Prop Size Calculator Software
The Prop Tools Propeller Sizing Software calculates
the correct propeller size (diameter and pitch) for a particular boat based on its known details.
Prop Pitch Calculator Software
The propeller pitch calculator software calculates the new propeller pitch required to achieve the correct engine RPM.
Shaft Taper Calculator Software
Shaft Taper Calculator allows you to accurately calculate shaft taper sizes to assist in matching propellers to shafts. This is very important when ordering new propellers or when trying to resolve a propeller taper issues.
Performance Calculator Software
The Performance Calculator Software predicts the performance of each characteristic of a boats engine, drive and propeller system.


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