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The Next Step in Starting a Prop Scan Propeller Repair Business

Equipment drawings
We supply you with technical drawings to get some of the equipment manufactured locally.

Spinning frame
Balancing frames
Spacing gauge
Repair table

Recommended equipment purchase list
We supply you with a list of tools and equipment to purchase locally.


Sanders and Grinders

Shop layout
We will help you in the layout of your shop.

*Below is the typical layout of a Prop Scan shop.

External Shop Fit Out
Internal Shop Fit Out
Internal Shop Fit Out
Internal Shop Fit Out
Finishing Room
Office Fit Out

Technical Support

Once your Prop Scan Propeller Shop is open for business we give you support to help you with any aspect of your business.

Technical support can be a simple answer to "How much cup should this propeller have" or assistance with the complex question of "My customer has changed his engines. They have 28 more HP and different gearbox ratios. Can we alter his original propellers to suit the new engines? How do I work this out?"

Support is provided by way of phone, website, email or in person at your shop.


Business Growth
As your business grows we will be with you every step of the way to help you handle any problems that may arise and to help you implement new equipment and services for your customers.

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