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Prop Scan RTPB Measuring Assembly is an extremely robust device designed for the precision inspection of marine propellers. Prop Scan RTPB measuring assembly's digital sensors scan the propeller surface producing precise digital data. This data is transmitted to the computer for processing, assessment and reporting by the Prop Scan Reporting System software.

The Prop Scan RTPB measuring assembly is used to measure propellers from 155 mm - 1000 mm in diameter. A kit is supplied with this system to allow measurement of basic propellers up to 1500 mm diameter.

A propeller can be measured in 2 to 3 minutes with Prop Scan RTPB measuring assembly, and sophisticated graphical propeller condition reports are produced to an accuracy and repeatability in excess of industry, National, Navy and ISO 484 International Standards.

The Prop Scan RTPB uses optical sensors with a digital output that transmits precision data directly to the USB port of your PC or Laptop computer. No special interfaces, no special cables.  Just plug it in and start measuring.

Versatility has always been a key factor in the design of all Prop Scan measuring assemblies, and the Prop Scan RTPB is no exception. The modular industrial design of this machine makes the measuring of exotic designs and overlapping blades easy.

Prop Scan RTPB Measuring Assembly features:

  • Digital Output
  • Rugged Design
  • Measures in Imperial and Metric
  • Accurate Machine Engineered
  • Extremely Durable
  • User Friendly

Years of research and design have produced a very versatile, accurate and repeatable measuring assembly product that is technically ahead of it's time but still remains a friendly, easy to use device, that is an essential tool to a marine technician who has the task of servicing boats, engines and propellers.

*The Prop Scan table is not supplied in the Prop Scan Package due to freight and duty costs. Instead we supply you with drawings for you to get the table made locally.

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