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Propeller Dynamics have been providing Advanced Propeller Courses (APC) for 20 years. Our courses have been attended by naval architects, propeller experts, propeller technicians, managers, supervisors, secretaries and people who wish to become propeller experts and propeller technicians.

Included in the 60" Propeller Repair Shop package is the PDT-10 training package.
Other training packages are available if required.


10-day, Included in the 60" Prop Scan Propeller Repair Package

PDT-10 is a 10-day course spread over two weeks running from Monday to Friday of both weeks.

This training is for people who purchase the Prop Scan Propeller Repair Package (60"). This course provides comprehensive training for those people who wish to establish a new propeller repair, modification and optimization facility.

The first 5 days of the course is taken in the classroom where the theory of propellers is studied along with propeller standards, propeller designs, the dos and don'ts of propellers and how propeller efficiency and boat performance can be optimized.

The second 5 days finds you applying all you have learnt to real propellers in a real workshop alongside experienced technicians. This workshop experience is the start of your business venture, as Prop Scan will be guiding you through the processes of working propellers up to the propeller's final test - the Prop Scan Quality Certificate report.

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