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Reference Material - Books

Metal Corrosion In Boats by Nigel Warren

"Metal Corrosion In Boats" By Nigel Warren covers all aspects of metal corrosion in all types of boats, wood, GRP or metal. This book gives advice on common problem areas such as keel boats, propeller shafts, engines, outdrives, fastnings, pipework etc.

Strategies are suggested for reducing or preventing corrosive effects.

Marine Corrosion Protection Guide by Mercury Marine

In the most extreme cases corrosion can destroy a drive unit, motor, prop, accessories and fitting in a matter of weeks.

This book will give you a basic understanding of the basics of corrosion - the signs, the causes, the remedies and the prevention.

And while they are only basics, some of the information is very technical.

Everything You Need to Know About Propellers - By Mercury Marine

This book has been compiled from engineering data and factual engine and boat test results obtained from on-the-water test sites. This information represents the latest technology for marine pleasure boat and racing propellers.

- History and Development

- Basic Propeller Parts

- How Propellers Work

- Propeller Technology

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