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Prop Correct enables companies to create detailed propeller repair, modification and optimization quotes with speed and efficiency.

   ISO Pricing


Producing a quote in Prop Correct is simple and easy. First the details of the propeller are selected. Number of blades - material - grade of damage and then the required ISO 484 Tolerance Standard.

Conforming Radii are then selected to match the measured radii.

As each component is selected the price adjusts automatically to show the cost of the job.


       EPS Pricing

In addition to pricing a job to the selected ISO 484 Standard the Prop Scan EPS features can be added to the quotation process.

As each Prop Scan EPS component is selected or deselected the price adjusts automatically.

This feature allows your customers to select the level of repair or modification based on accuracy and price which directly effects the performance of the boat.


The quote displayed below lists all of the individual components and prices of the repair and modification. The quote shows the base repair price with the ISO and EPS features added to the pricing structure. This quote is displayed on the screen and can also be printed.


Prop Correct gives you full control over your pricing structures, with additional features for sales tax rates and discount rates.

Multiple pricing structures can be created which will allow you to determine the appropriate pricing for a particular customer group, trade customers or seasonal price variations.

Prop Correct is an essential and valuable tool for any propeller repair shop, it will save you time and make you money.



Prop Correct Software Presentation

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