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The Prop Tools Propeller Sizing Software calculates
the correct propeller size (diameter and pitch) for a particular boat based on its known details.

With Prop Tools Propeller Sizing Software becoming a propeller-sizing expert no longer takes thirty years of trial and error.

Simply input the boats details and press the calculate button.  The correct propeller size is then shown, along with the expected hull speed.

The Prop Tools Propeller Sizing Software is accurate, powerful and easy to use.


The Prop Tools Propeller Sizing Software has an additional feature where each component of the boat can be changed and compared to the original data.

This is an extremely useful tool for determining the effects that changes to the boat will have.

In the example on the right the owner wanted to see the propeller size and expected hull speed if he re-powered his boat from 2x350hp engines to 2x550hp engines.


In the example below the boat owner wanted a new propeller for his boat and was unsure of the correct size.

The detials of his boat where entered into the software program and calculated.

The following example shows the calculation that was done when the boat's weight (hull displacement) was increased by 1 ton.

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