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Prop Scan Analysis is a marine propeller software program that compares the measured propeller to the optimum propeller design in accordance with the ISO 484 Standards and the Prop Scan EPS (Enhanced Propeller Standard).

Prop Scan Analysis produces a ‘Best Achieved Quality’ report which assesses each aspect of the propeller and identifies the level of accuracy for each aspect.

Analysis File Data
Prop Scan produces a data file that contains the quality critical aspects of a measured propeller compared to the design.
This file is read by Prop Scan Analysis which processes the data and produces a report.

Analysis Files Listing
The Prop Scan data is stored in the Prop Scan Analysis data base. This data is in Prop Scan Analysis original form to allow for reports to be produced in different formats.

Best Achieved Quality Report
In Bar Graph format a ‘Best Achieved Quality’ report is produced for each measurement category. This report is superimposed over a template which represents the ISO 484 tolerance on Pitch Classes and Prop Scan EPS giving an immediate indication of the propellers true quality for each aspect.

ISO 484 Class Reports
Analysis supports ISO 484 Class S, 1, 2 & 3 tolerances on pitch for propeller pitch, blade pitch and section pitch.

Prop Scan EPS Reports
Analysis supports Prop Scan EPS Class 0 tolerances on pitch and Prop Scan EPS face Camber tolerances on form.

Conforming Blocks Report
All the areas of a propeller that fall inside the specified tolerance are represented by green Conforming Blocks. Non conforming area’s of the propeller are represented by a red block.

Conforming Block Expanded Report
Clicking a Conforming Block with the mouse activates a graph report that shows the measured value, design value and the allowed tolerance for the specified measured area in Bar Graph format.

Expanded Report Table
The Conforming Block Bar Graph is accompanied by a table that lists the measured and design pitches, the pitch deviation from design and the outside tolerance value.

One Page Report
The Analysis report is a one page report which covers all aspects of the measured propeller compared to the design.

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