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Prop Tools Software 

The Prop Tools package contains software that will enable you to become a propeller expert, simply input the known performance details of a boat and the software will calculate the unknown details for you.

Propeller Sizing (inboard Propellers) - More Info
Calculates the estimated hull speed and inboard propeller size for pleasure and commercial boats that are displacement or planning hull designs.

Propeller Pitch Adjustment - More Info
Calculates the propeller pitch required to achive the correct engine RPM.

Propeller Performance calculation - More Info
Provides you with accurate tools to predict the performance of each characteristic of a boats engine, drive and propeller system.

Shaft Taper Calculator - More Info
Shaft Taper Calculator allows you to accurately calculate shaft taper sizes to assist in matching propellers to shafts. This is very important when ordering new propellers or when trying to resolve a propeller taper issues.


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