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“Wellcraft Coastal Believer "

Dear Mark,

When I read about some of the results of the Prop Scan technique I was skeptical, but I wasn't satisfied with the performance I was getting on my new Wellcraft 330 Coastal.

The starboard prop was turning at 4600 rmps at WOT and the port was turning at 4300. WOT was 27.6 knots. My cruise was 22knots at 3800 rpms. Fuel consumption was 18 gph per engine at 3800.

Post Prop Scan my WOT is 31.7knots, cruise at 24 knots at 3400 rpms and Fuel consumption at 16 gph per engine. Plus, I can now stay on plane at 3000 rpms at right around 18-20 knots and I could not do this before.

I am a believer and very satisfied customer.

Thanks, Capt. Bob Swann
St. Augustine, FL

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