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36' Luhrs Open

  • Speed up
  • nMPG up
  • Range up
  • NO Vibration

After running his 2003 36' Luhrs Open w/twin Yanmar 465s, with Prop Scan-corrected props, Erez Wolf posted the following unsolicited comments on the Florida Sportsman Fishing Forum website:

As some of you may know, I hit some sand inside a marina near Ponce Inlet. Well, prior to making our trip down, I took some readings regarding RPM vs. Efficiency vs. Speed.

After returning from our trip, I had Mark, at Blue Water Props, perform a Prop Scan on them. Boy was I surprised today! I'm sure Mark can't guarantee similar results, but the money spent on the tuning will pay for itself in no time at all.

Here's the 'executive summary':

· NO Vibration at all
· Cruise Speed went from 27.0 knots to 28.4 knots!
· nMPG at cruise went from .84 to .90!
· Our maximum range went from 336 miles to 360 miles.

Here is comparison graph of Speed / nMPG vs. RPM for before and after.

Click Here to See Bar Graphs of Before and After Prop Scan


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