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38' Bayliner,  "The Back Forty"

Dear Mitch,

In 1995 I re-powered my 38' Bayliner M.Y (The Back Forty) form 175hp Hino's to 250hp Cummins, and it was also recommended that I replace the props.

I gave my boat and engine specifictions to a local propeller manufacturer in Michigan, I anxiously awaited my new set of propellers.

After one season I returned my props to the manufacture for fine tuning because of vibration and noise. When I got them back nothing had changed, I was so unhappy and I didn't know what to do.

I had read an article in Lakeland Boating magazine about Prop Scan, a new computerized scanning system for fine tuning propellers and in the summer of 2000 I came across a advertisement at the South Haven marina from a company in the local area using Prop Scan. So with my specifications in hand I went to see Mitch and Chuck at Holland Propellers.

Mitch told me that my propellers where not suited to my boat size and engines horse power and he recommended I purchase two new propellers. I took Mitch's advise bought the two propellers that he had recommended.

On leaving the South Haven Channel on our first test run with the new propellers, I powered up the engines and my wife and I looked at each other as if something was wrong. At first I thought we had lost an engine, all the noise and vibration had gone and to our belief we could here each other talking without having to raise our voices. The boat also gained about 5 mph at top speed and on later calculations, fuel consumption had been greatly reduced.

It's hard to find a business that will put in the effort to solve your problems. Mitch and Chuck went to a great deal of trouble to help me solve my propellers problems, know my boat (The Back Forty) will be around they great lakes area for years to come.


Charlie Monaweck.
"The Back Forty"
38' Bayliner

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