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38’ Magnum Flybridge
Sportsfisher Picked Up 3 knots

Dear Colin & Donna,

I wish to thank you for these propellers, I installed them on Friday, and they were perfect.

Here are the results on my 38’ Magnum Flybridge Sportsfisher, 2 x 370 HP Cummins:

Before Prop Scan:
There was a considerable amount of black smoke (back plate needed cleaning after each hour of operation). I could get no power (if you were too heavy and you did not reach 1850 where the turbo kicks in there was no possible way to get the boat on the plane). The maximum revs were 2350, the maximum speed was 23 knots, extremely heavy vibration and lots of noise.

After Prop Scan :
There is absolutely NO SMOKE! I have loads of power (I could tow a skier), the maximum revs are 2950 – 3000 (engine maximum RPM), the maximum speed is 26 knots, there is no vibration and less noise.

The boat is now running at 2100 RPM at 18 knots, you can really feel the difference and the engine is not overloading anymore.

I am extremely happy (of course my wife does not see the difference).

I would be only too pleased to recommend Prop Scan to anyone.


(New Caledonia)

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