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31' Mariner
Exceeding expectations

I own a 31' Mariner Mark II fitted with twin 165 Volvo Diesel Shaft Drives.
When the boat was out of the water in May for regular anti-fouling I decided to remove the propellers and take advantage of your Free Prop Scan propeller inspection.

I believed my props were in good condition, as I had not hit any objects or sandbanks. Both engines achieve their maximum revs however the port engine has always shown 150 rpm less than the starboard engine.

After you conducted the prop scan on both props you were able to show on your computer that both props were in original condition – however not perfect. You were able to further identify a deficiency in the port prop, which you suggested might be the reason for slightly less revs from that engine. A few days later the props were ready and your scans showed a noticeable improvement on your computer readouts. Your comment was “You will think you have a new boat".
How right you were. On first returning from the hard stand back to my berth you could notice the smoothness of the engines at idle.

Then on the first trip out the performance was outstanding. A new coat of anti foul helps but I now had two engines performing to identical rpm. The GPS showed between 3 and 4 knots more that the boat had ever achieved even when previously anti-fouled and a similar improvement in cruise speed. The smoothness and reduction in noise is quite evident.

Being a former motor race owner/driver I am well aware of the cost associated with achieving this level of improved performance. But not in this case.

The cost involved in the modification of both propellers has given me a new boat and I highly recommend prop scan to all boat owners.


Lester Smerdon

31' Mariner Mark II

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