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"32 foot Trojan"

"18.75% increase in speed!"

I am absolutely thrilled with the performance increase I received from having my props tuned at The Propeller Works. I had read about the Prop Scan computerized propeller repair system in several national boating publications. It truly is amazing technology.

My 32 foot Trojan cruised at 16 mph at 2900 rpm's prior to having the props redone. I am now running 19 mph at the same rpm. That’s an 18.75% increase in cruise speed! I haven't had enough hours yet to determine my fuel economy but I'm sure it has improved also.

Amazingly, prior to having this work done, I thought that I had no problem with my props. I thought I might need help with them, however, since I couldn't get the speed at cruise that was published in my manual. I now exceed the manual's speed specifications even though the boat is 20 years old.

The staff at The Propeller Works was very informative and walked me completely through the repair process, which was very comforting. I would recommend them to anyone and already have.

Carl E. Dalton, MV Elizabeth Ellen

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