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47’ Buddy Davis Gains Speed

Mike Borden owner of the 47’ Buddy Davis “FISH MAGNET" wrote:

“ I was astounded at the speed gain after your Prop Scan Overhual!!! Before the overhaul I was turning full throttle max RPM of 2250 and making 24.7 KTS after the overhaul at the same weight I was turning exactly the same max RPM of 2250 but now doing 28 KTS!!! The speed gain was incredible but the lack of vibration at all speeds was just as impressive.
Three months ago a San Diego, CA. boat yard sent the props in to another prop shop for overhaul, after the overhaul I was the same speed as before and had the same vibrations as before.
I wish you the best and hope you can promote the widespread usage of Prop Scan. If you ever need a verbal testimony, please have your clients call me, I owe you one!

Sincerely yours,
Mike Borden /Owner, “Fish Magnet"

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