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105' Nordlund Motor yacht
hauled 5 times

A new 105' Nordlund Motor yacht called the "Lauren -C" had been hauled out the water 5 times to locate the source of a vibration. The propellers had been sent to a propeller shop in Long Beach, CA. four times to have the propellers worked on.

The Lauren -C still had a problem and a vibration specialist was sent from Ft. Lauderdale to find the source. He picked up a pulse from the propellers and recommended a Prop Scan shop. From his experience, he found Prop Scan to be "the best in the business".

Finally, on the fifth time, the propellers were sent to Propeller Solutions in California to be corrected. After the work was completed, the vibration was gone!

The owner is happy, the Nordlund is happy and they have been able to enjoy their new yacht ever since.

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