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Who are the customers of a Prop Scan business and why do they use their services?
What makes Prop Scan different from other Propeller repair and modification companies ?
With so much technology, is a Prop Scan shop a complex business to manage?
Are Prop Scan shops price competitive ?
How big is a Prop Scan shop and where are they located ?
What type of support does a Prop Scan business receive ?
How much profit can a Prop Scan businesses make ?
What type of person are we looking for ?
What is the next step and how long does it take to get started ?




F.A.Q. Answers


Who are the customers of a Prop Scan business and why do they use their services?

Every boat owner is a potential customer of Prop Scan.
Prop Scan can be used on most types of marine propellers. However most Prop Scan shops are set up to repair and modify inboard propellers 18 inches and over.

Most of the Prop Scan shops customers are owners and or operators of medium to large private and commercial vessels and motor yachts. Several Prop Scan shops also provide services for Navy ships and Coast Guard vessels.

Private boat owners, governments and corporations use Prop Scan to provide solutions for problems such as cavitation erosion, propeller vibration, excessive fuel consumption, poor vessel speed, engine loading issues and propeller modification requirements.

What makes a Prop Scan shop different from other propeller repair and modification companies?

Prop Scan shops primarily pursues a niche market within the billion dollar marine industry that is currently not adequately serviced by existing operators. Indeed, a significant proportion of business comes from other propeller shops that do not have accurate technology or the training to provide solutions for propeller problems. Our niche market is made up of customers who want the best and are pre-paired to pay for quality.

Prop Scan shops currently operate in a market with no direct competitors due to the unmatched accuracy of the Prop Scan Inspection System and the benefits of the Prop Scan propeller optimization package.

The potential size of this market is expanded due to the solutions that Prop Scan shops can provide.

With so much technology, is a Prop Scan shop a complex business to manage?

Once you have been trained and you understand the principles of marine propulsion and the Prop Scan way of doing business, what once seemed complex will be seen as common sense.

You will be provided with the training, on-going support and resources that will enable you to determine the most appropriate solutions for your customers.

The purpose of Prop Scan is to make the propeller repair and modification process as simple and hassle free as possible. Prop Scan shows the customer exactly what needs to be done to repair, modify or optimize their propeller.

Are Prop Scan shops price competitive?

Yes, the Prop Scan shops products and services are of the highest quality which results in value for money for the customer.

How big is a Prop Scan shop and where are they located?

The largest Prop Scan Shops have 4 to 6 Inspection Systems and 5 to 7 employees, with the average having 1 to 2 systems and 2 to 3 employees.

Prop Scan shops vary in size from 1900 to 4000 square feet, the average is around 2000 square feet.

Prop Scan shops are generally located in areas with easy access from the boating public.

What type of support does a Prop Scan business receive?

    Initial training includes:
  • Two weeks of intensive classroom and hands on training.
  • Prop Scan offers complete training on many aspects of our business. When you finish our Advanced Propeller Course, you will be familiar with the propeller industry, repair and modification techniques, the Prop Scan computer system, Prop Scan software, successful marketing techniques and strategies.

    Pre-Opening Support includes:

  • Assistance in the selection of premises.
  • Shop layout.
  • Advice on tools and equipment.
  • Assistance in additional training with an existing Prop Scan shop prior to you opening your Prop Scan business.

    Ongoing Support includes:

  • Propeller modification and design support.
  • Review and analysis of financial performance.
  • 24 hour Telephone and Email access to our technical support staff.
  • Comprehensive Operations Manuals.
  • Access to our latest research and development products and techniques including software and hardware upgrades.
  • Access to a wide range of marketing resources that include: web sites, brochures, boating magazine advertising and exposure at key boat shows and events.
  • Collective advice from within the existing Prop Scan shops for you to draw upon.


How much profit can a Prop Scan business make?

Your profitability will primarily depend upon the scope of your innovation and efforts. With determination, excellent customer service and our ongoing support, the Prop Scan Business Opportunity is the medium on which to attain your personal earning objectives.

Profitability is a discipline, and requires continued attention to the following aspects of the business:

  • Sales revenue and gross profit margins - the results of marketing activities and your ability to provide high quality products and services.
  • Your business overheads - taking into account your rental outlay, staff salaries, vehicles, etc.

Businesses who seek the best solutions for their customers operate the most successful Prop Scan shops.

Earnings information based on the historical performance of Prop Scan shops is available to qualified applicants.

What type of person are we looking for?

At Propeller Dynamics Pty. Ltd., we are looking for special people to join the team. Ideally, you would have reasonable mechanical knowledge, dedicated to your work and have a passion for boats.

You have acknowledged that now is the time to pursue your dream of a career as your own boss in a successful enterprise. You will also recognize that an established and proven business plan like the Prop Scan Business Opportunity reduces the risks in starting a small business.

What is the next step and how long does it take to get started?

If you are interested in operating your own Prop Scan Propeller Business,
then please contact us for further information.

Applicants that are approved, can be up and running in their own Prop Scan business within 6 months from the initial enquiry.

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