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Mitch Iwan - Holland propellers

Mitch Iwan owned and operated a successful restaurant business for 15 years. Aside from his business he also had a passion for boats.

At one point in his life he decided he needed a change and was looking for a bold career move, preferably in the marine industry. In November 1999 he found the Prop Scan website on the Internet and filled out an information request form.

Upon talking to Propeller Dynamics he was told about a void in the propeller industry that was being filled by people like Mitch.

Propeller Dynamics could offer him a Prop Scan business package that would allow him to start a propeller business and make it successful.

The next few months Mitch researched this opportunity that sounded almost too good to be true. The decision to go ahead with the Prop Scan business was made at the Miami Boat show in February 2000 where he met many people who had opened Prop Scan propeller optimization facilities.

Mitch heard stories of how people with little experience solved propeller problems that no traditional experienced propeller repairer had ever managed to resolve and many stories of very satisfied customers.

Mitch had made his decision, he was going into the propeller business.

On the 12th May 2000 Mitch Iwan attended the Propeller Dynamics Advanced Propeller Course in Australia. There he learned about propellers, both the theory and the practical side.

Mitch returned to the USA and opened Holland Propellers in Michigan one month later. The business grew rapidly and Mitch quickly realized he needed some help to cope with the increasing work load. In November of that same year he hired Charles Bursk. Business continued to grow and the level of customer satisfaction was very high.

When winter arrived Mitch expected the work load to decrease, however the reverse was true. He was so swamped with work that he simply could not satisfy the demand from people wanting their propellers repaired the Prop Scan way. There was only one solution, buy a second Prop Scan system. In July 2001 Mitch installed his second Prop Scan system, just one year after opening his shop.

The demand for the service and high quality work provided by Holland Propellers continues to grow and Mitch has further plans for expansion.

Mitch has never regretted making the dramatic change from the restaurant industry to the propeller industry and neither have his customers.

Holland propellers
11867 Greenway Drive
Holland, MI, 49424
Contact: Mitch Iwan
Ph: 616 355 2900
Fax: 616 355 7875
Email: HollandPropeller@aol.com


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